Our male grooming salon was opened in December 2020 by Sean and Ross, into the leafy village of Barnes. As we are both local residents, we felt there was an opportunity to bring a business into our home town to create a community shop where people can gather to relax and unwind from the daily hustle.

Our Values

Crate Male Grooming is committed to generate positive change to people and our planet. We focus on recycling, reducing water and lights usage, harnessing renewable energy sources and using ‘clean’, green products. ​

Reusable and Biodegradable

“We’re using plastic-free visors from Reel Brands and gloves from Showa that biodegrade in 1-5 years, rather than 100 years,”. We produce our own cotton gowns, getting them washed in our local laundry.” We also use biodegradable disposable wash towels and all our salon equipment we use infinitely reusable glass and aluminium with zero microplastics and zero nanoplastics which are invisible to the naked eye.

Our Shop

We have used local businesses to build our shop to reduce our Carbon Footprint. Our furniture is handmade from scaffold boards, we have purchased chairs from a local Salon which closed and have had them upholstered to look new. We have sourced all of our ceramic pottery from an independent ceramicist in Yorkshire. All business cards and price lists are produced from recycled card.

Our Product Range

We have partnered with O Way for our product range who have the same ethos as ourselves with biodynamic ingredients, Fair trade products who use green chemistry. Find out more about them here.


Crate male grooming uses a renewable energy company called Bulb. They get their electricity from Solar, wind and hydro sources and their gas is 100% carbon neutral and a large amount of it comes from food or farm waste. And the best part? In many cases its no more expensive than non-renewable energy companies. We also use ecoheads fitted to the taps in the wash basins to reduce water waste.

We Reuse Hair

Crate male grooming also collects up all the salon’s hair that falls on the floor and sends it to the Clean Wave Program, who make hair boons out of it which are used to soak up oil spills.