Here at Crate male grooming we are offering 5 In-house treatments. Book in for a 30 minute consultation and first treatment in house, we then give you 3 products to take home to continue the process and book you in for a further 3 (30 minute) in-house treatments to maintain the scalp/hair soothing. All products are sublimating and multi-sensory treatments for hair and scalp formulated with essential oils, hydrolates and officinal extracts obtained with a biodynamic and zero-mile method.


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Under-eye Charcoal Treatment

A little under-eye rejuvenation treatment. Cold, refreshing charcoal pads to smooth those under-eyes out. We finish it off with our O WAY eye energizing balm.


Purifying - Dry Scalps

A purifying and soothing treatment that controls flaky skin caused by dry dandruff



Ultra-delicate soothing program for reddened and sensitive skin


Purifying - Oily Scalps

A purifying treatment that controls flaky skin caused by oily dandruff



Micro-Stimulating treatment to encourage the growth of weak hair and combat hair loss



Deeply moisturising synergy for very dry, dehydrated hair or thick, frizzy hair